The Get Down

Hey guys,

Just recently was reminded of this show and wanted to do some art for it, still need some more practice though. Enjoy


iZombie Busted Bust

Man oh man now its starting to show how rusty I am. Back to the drawing board boys this ones busted lol


After a year of no art, I have returned!!!

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while, glad to see everyone is doing well. I know its been a while but I had computer issues for a while and I finally got everything sorted and all my software ported over to the new system and now I can do art again 😀 It’s been a year so this one took me longer than it should have but its only a start for much much more.



3d Hiatus Broken

It’s beed a while since I’ve touched 3d (Last post being in June of last year) So this is me breaking that hiatus and getting the ball rolling on some 3D art, I’m rusty so this was just some practice using a Tattoo Model that came across my News Feed. Look for more work coming soon.