After a year of no art, I have returned!!!

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while, glad to see everyone is doing well. I know its been a while but I had computer issues for a while and I finally got everything sorted and all my software ported over to the new system and now I can do art again 😀 It’s been a year so this one took me longer than it should have but its only a start for much much more.



3d Hiatus Broken

It’s beed a while since I’ve touched 3d (Last post being in June of last year) So this is me breaking that hiatus and getting the ball rolling on some 3D art, I’m rusty so this was just some practice using a Tattoo Model that came across my News Feed. Look for more work coming soon.



GOT Speed Sculpt

I kinda had to, after seeing my GOT Crush I had to do a speed sculpt, also need the practice for the project ahead. 1 hour 45 mins of work. Nathalie Emmanuel. Hope you all like it!


Back to doing my art!

Well I’ve been stressing about doing some art for a while now and had these images up for a concept on my computer for ages now and finally sat down and started blocking it out. Going to be a quick project just to get me back into the grove of things. Everything is really rough right now but I thought I’d share my nights progress. Just started this today.


OC Redesign Update.

Ok, did some major updates on her face. Might have done some thing I dont like much and may end up changing, went and added some polypaint on her to test. Still dont have a name for her. Will probably start the concepting for the clothing tomorrow after work.


Original Character Redesign.

So I started writing this story honestly about a decade ago and got about 4 chapters in and didn’t finish it. I wanted to do an OC so I decided to work on redoing the one for the story. The original, original concept was a teen boy, Caucasian/Japanese/Alien, upon landing on earth his DNA basically mimicked whoever his primary guardians were. I later reconcepted the main characters primary race to Black/Japanese/Alien. The large Iris are traits I added later in that redesign. After that, I decided to do yet another redesign, primary race stayed the same but made the sex female.

Original Concept

Redesign 1

Redesign 2


Tonights Redesign