Just something to post..

So, I didn’t make it for the Comicon deadline, pretty bummed out. Didn’t expect to get caught up on the detailing aspect for the model. Anyways, I shall finish it on a later date. Going to start another piece but just wanted to show the changes I made for the detailing. Wanted to try something new, started over from the start, unposed character, thinking about doing a new pose for it since my last one didn’t read so well. So, here’s the minor update for the faceplate. Have to recolor the forehead piece.

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 11.33.45 PM

Kazuma Pose Demo

Well, Ran into some problems with importing my pose into zbrush, which resulted in my having to manually pose. Which actually was great since the rig weights weren’t the best, so I can pose him correctly and deform him better this way. So here’s an update before bed.


Kazuma Update

Well i finally got yo finishing the armor. All that’s left now is detailing, posing and rending. Should be fun. I added Micromesh to the body for testing don’t know if I’ll keep it yet. Changed the face for the expression I want for in pose.






Random Update, Natsu…

So this is a character I started last year sometime, never quite finished it. Now that I reopen it after so much time, I can see soooooo much wrong with it. Man, IDK if I even want to continue this one. After finishing my 2 currents I’ll potentially go over and redo most of this character with the knowledge that i have now.