Female Sculpt

So I’m working on a new sculpt from a concept art I don’t want to disclose until completion. This is just my progress on the anatomy that I wanted to post and see if anyone had any critiques. Roughly an hour of work on it. Please leave critiques. Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.59.45 PM

Retopology Fun

Well I haven’t been working as fast as I should have but I thought I’d just post an update for the retopology I have started so far, The cloths and accessories should go a lot faster than the body.

Natsu Update 2

Ok, I started some rough details in the clothes, Edited the anatomy a little more and also started to shape the face. The face needs a lot more work so please critique to help me get going in the right direction.

WIP, India Eisley Update 2

I did some further fixes to the India Bust, got tired of looking at the uniform color so I decided to throw a quick poly paint on it. Next is to add the fine details, like pores, lip and eye wrinkles, etc. Critiques are welcome, please comment and critique.

India Eisley

India Eisley

WIP, India Eisley

So I started a bust today, I plan on finishing it and putting textures and fine details in later. So here’s the hour and a half results. The hair is getting removed, it was only there for visuals. Comment and leave critiques please.