OMG did Zbrush just open???

Ok, so I DID decide to touch on some work instead of finishing the show. Made some much needed changes to the face or my Original Character(Nameless).

Started the body block out, more updates later on maybe.


OC Redesign Update.

Ok, did some major updates on her face. Might have done some thing I dont like much and may end up changing, went and added some polypaint on her to test. Still dont have a name for her. Will probably start the concepting for the clothing tomorrow after work.


Original Character Redesign.

So I started writing this story honestly about a decade ago and got about 4 chapters in and didn’t finish it. I wanted to do an OC so I decided to work on redoing the one for the story. The original, original concept was a teen boy, Caucasian/Japanese/Alien, upon landing on earth his DNA basically mimicked whoever his primary guardians were. I later reconcepted the main characters¬†primary race to Black/Japanese/Alien. The large Iris are traits I added later in that redesign. After that, I decided to do yet another redesign, primary race stayed the same but made the sex female.

Original Concept

Redesign 1

Redesign 2


Tonights Redesign